WP e-Commerce Show Widgets in Store Pages Only

shopping-cart-widgetNot all WP e-Commerce enabled websites require a shopping cart or product categories list on each page. Some sites have a blog section separate from the online store. Widget Logic does a great job of conditionally loading widgets using WordPress’ normal conditional tags but requires special tags for wpec-products post type.

For this reason I had to add another plugin called Dynamic Widgets which has build in integration for WP e-Commerce pages.  The only problem with this is that Dynamic Widgets significantly slows page loading according to a plugin profiler I use to test with.


My life would be much much easier if I could use Widget Logic only. After doing a lot of research I have found the perfect logic that works with WP e-Commerce. This is how to show widgets in store pages only:

Use this code to load widgets in single products, product tags, categories and variations:

is_singular('wpsc-product') || is_tax( 'product_tag' ) || is_tax( 'wpsc_product_category' )|| is_tax( 'wpsc-variation' )

When you first install WP e-Commerce it automatically creates pages. Use this code to load widgets in the default pages along with the pages above.

is_page( array( 'products-page', 'checkout', 'your-account', 'transaction-results' ) ) || is_singular('wpsc-product') || is_tax( 'product_tag' ) || is_tax( 'wpsc_product_category' ) || is_tax( 'wpsc-variation' )

If you did everything right you can now selectively load widgets like a shopping cart or product categories navigation only in the shop pages.

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