Best WordPress Plugins for a Web Designer Portfolio

A web designer’s online portfolio makes the biggest impression of his skill and abilities. It sums up his personal style and attitude towards web design and development.

If you’re using WordPress to build your web design portfolio, there a several outstanding plugins that can help display your work to potential clients.

  1.  WP-PageNavi


    Makes it easy for visitors to navigate through your portfolio. Specially useful wordpress plugins free download if you have more than two or three pages worth of posts.

  2. Regenerate Thumbnails


    It’s a time saver when you are constantly resizing a bunch of images of your sample work. One-click and all your images are resized in no time.

  3. Google Analytics for WordPress

    Check which pages visitors spend more time and view and your can continue improving those areas on your site.

  4. Enable Media Replace

    This is a treasure among image management plugins. More often than not you need to update or change an image and this does it smoothly for you quickly.

  5. Breadcrumbs NavXT

    Small features like breadcrumb trails make a big impact on site navigation and SEO. It’s extremely useful to let visitors know exactly where they are or how to get back to where they started. This provides an excellent user experience for all visitors on your site.

  6. Digg Digg

    Make it easy for visitors to share your work with their own personal network using a floating share bar or the traditional bookmarks at the bottom of posts.

  7. WordPress SEO / All-in-One SEO Pack

    Gives you more reach through search engine visibility. Google will love you for this.

  8. Display Posts Shortcode

    This pllugin gives you a quick way to list posts in any layout you can think up without having to mess with WordPress loops in templates. It saves time if you’re constantly rearranging your layout.

  9. Pricing Table

    pricing-tableThis plugin is essential in any web design services site. It gives your clients a clean visual of your pricing and rates.

  10. Contact Form 7

    Your contact form or request for quote form is your ultimate measure for conversions. Without it, you would not get any clients AT ALL. What makes it superior to the rest of the contact form plugins is that there are many free useful add-ons built around it like contact form 7 to database and simple captcha for CF7.

These plugins may not be specifically made for creating portfolios but if you put them all together you’ll get a powerhouse website to showcase your work. Adding too many plugins might slow down your page load time so try to get the most mileage with only a few.

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