How to Find a Good Web Developer in the Philippines

In today’s information age any business around the world can benefit from hiring affordable Philippine web developer. Even companies who already have existing websites still source web development projects to the Philippines. They don’t want to hire full-time employees which are way over their budgets. For small businesses, hiring a full-time employee is simply impractical. It just isn’t cost-effective. You can hire a freelance web developer to create a professional website customized to specs. Finding a good developer can be a challenge in the beginning. This guide will show you how.

web developer Philippines

Before you start searching for a website designer, create a detailed list of requirements your business website will need. This is very critical since it will determine what skills and expertise to look for in your web developer. Here’s a checklist to go over:

  • Type of Content
  • Number of web pages
  • Brochure or Blog
  • Online payments
  • Time frame
  • Budget

A simple Google search can deliver plenty of information on who’s legit. Checking reviews and recommendations online from previous clients are a good indicator of satisfaction. Word-of-mouth promotion would be even better than anonymous internet testimonials. When a friend or relative refers a web developer Philippines to you then he should be your first choice because of real positive experience shared. So, if someone recommends a web developer Philippines to you, schedule a meeting or even chat with them online to tell them about your project and negotiate.

This video from Entrepreneur talks about hiring web developers

Nowadays ,outsourcing web development is usually not a problem. An average internet speed, email address or instant messenger is really all the tools you will need. There are when meeting in person is not efficient due to  traffic, high gas prices and travel time. If meeting personally really means a lot to you, checking in your local classified ads might be better. To test the waters you can start requesting for small projects like a header or banner design.

Skills Assessment

Asses a potential candidate with some practical measures. Webmonkey is an excellent web developer resource to use as reference. The first step to take to measure the skill of a web developer is to check out their online portfolio. If they don’t have one move on the the next candidate. Freelancers without a portfolio are a red flag. A professional web developer mus always have their work samples to showcase. Does their website look professional and is it easy to browse? Essential information should be easy to find like contact details, pricing, features and list of services.

Check what skills and expertise the web developer has. Do specialize in web-design, code, or programming. Make sure that they do not present themselves as a web developer but only really know print graphics like business cards and flyers. Web design and print design are very different and use different sets of standards Ask a few questions about a few of their work samples. Do their answers make sense is it obvious he’s making it up and taking credit for another person’s work. A good web developer Philippines should know not only about setting up the site, but also maintenance , SEO, and website promotion Read the customer testimonials and see their tips ad advice.

Filipino web developers are high in demand because of their great talent, creativity, friendliness and honesty. Good characteristics like these are priceless. Follow these steps and you’ll surely succeed in finding a web developer Philippines that is right for your job, understands your business and focuses on your goals.

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