Web Design Services

Graphic Design

Building a strong brand and distinguishable identity is fundamental to any successful marketing strategy. Graphic elements that use symbols, colors and type visually represent a company’s principles and values. Corporate designs commonly adopt a minimalist approach due to it’s timeless nature. Consistency and alignment of both online and offline marketing materials further strengthens a company’s image.

Mobile Web Design

Mobile web design allows your website to adapt for proper viewing on mobile devices. Best practices include responsive content, slide and tap buttons for touch screens and fluid layouts.

The number of mobile internet users grows every day. Companies can redesign their websites to be compatible for smaller screens like iPhones, Androids and tablets.

UX Design

The web is dynamically populated with a wide range of users browsing on devices with varying screen sizes. An effective user experience (UX) can be the defining point of a website’s success.

Common pages optimized for UX is the home page, sales landing pages, checkout forms, and signup pages. A design focused on usability include principles and techniques that ensure a useful and high-quality experience from users.

Web Hosting

A fast and reliable web hosting service is critical to having your website up online with as little downtime possible.

Website Maintenance

Keep your website running smoothly and up-to-date. Perform routine file backups to keep your data safe. Clean-up database tables to make your site load faster.