• wordpress-google-search-image

    10-Step WordPress Google Search Integration

    Integrating WordPress Google search greatly improves your website’s usability and provides a way to track your visitor’s queries. You can use plugins to do this for you but it adds to bloat and customization is limited. A manual installation of … Continued

  • wordpress-different-title

    WordPress Different Page Title to Navigation in Thesis

    There are already several tutorials that show how to create WordPress different page title in menu but for not specifically for Thesis. I struggled for a time because I couldn’t get the custom fields to display using the normal method … Continued

  • shopping-cart-widget

    WP e-Commerce Show Widgets in Store Pages Only

    Not all WP e-Commerce enabled websites require a shopping cart or product categories list on each page. Some sites have a blog section separate from the online store. Widget Logic does a great job of conditionally loading widgets using WordPress’ … Continued

  • web designer portfolio

    Best WordPress Plugins for a Web Designer Portfolio

    A web designer’s online portfolio makes the biggest impression of his skill and abilities. It sums up his personal style and attitude towards web design and development. If you’re using WordPress to build your web design portfolio, there a several … Continued

  • graphic-design-basics-color

    Graphic Design Basics – Color Scheme

    One of the graphic design basics is color scheme. Choosing an appropriate color scheme for your web site is one of the first steps in the website design process. If you’ve already got a logo, you’ll typically want to stick … Continued

  • why graphic design is important

    Why Graphic Design is Important for Business

    If you use the internet often you probably have an idea why graphic design is important. Maybe you visited some company websites that looked outdated or were poorly designed. What was your initial reaction to the business? It was probably … Continued