• foundation-topbar-offcanvas

    Foundation Top Bar Off-Canvas Hybrid

    How to combine Foundation’s Top Bar drop down with off-Canvas menu component Foundation’s top bar and off canvas can be used together but requires creating two separate menus. Two nav components with the same menu items is redundant and bloats … Continued

  • bootstrap modal popup on load

    Bootstrap Modal Email Subscription Form

    How to make Modals Automatically Popup on Page Load Delete cookies and reload page to view live demo Creating a popup email subscription form in Twitter Bootstrap is easy. The built-in modal can be configured to launch when the page … Continued

  • dashicons cheat sheet

    Dashicons Cheat Sheet

    Here’s a quick reference to WordPress Dashicons font icon. This font set was designed for the dashboard ui but can also be used in the front-end. If you’re a fan of Glyphicons or Fontawesome, you’ll enjoy these as well.

  • woocommerce-select-checkout-page

    How to Add Multiple Local Pickup Locations to Woocommerce

    Woocommerce comes with a default ‘local pickup’ shipping option which works fine if you have only one location. If you have multiple shops that you want customers to pick from then you need to customize the checkout page to add … Continued

  • flexnav wordpress

    How to Make a WordPress Responsive Menu with FlexNav

    There are several different approaches to building a responsive menu. My favorite is the toggle menu with 3 line navicon. Flexnav is a jquery plugin which allows you to implement this method easily.Its free and can be easily customized to … Continued

  • wordpress-bootstrap-pagination-thumb

    Bootstrap WordPress Pagination Using WP-Pagenavi

    If you’re using a WordPress theme based on twitter bootstrap then you will want to integrate it’s elegant pagination component. You can do this by adding a new paging function or using WP-Pagenavi. bootstrap wordpress pagination WP-Pagenavi. I’m a big … Continued