About Web Designer Philippines Services

I’m Caleb Serna and I specialize in creating customer focused, user friendly, professional websites. My trademark look is simple and elegant layouts designed around content for a positive user experience.

My Top 5 Web design Credos

  1. K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple stupid)
  2. Design in a way that a child or grandparent can appreciate
  3. Catch your audience’s attention – probably most important
  4. Keep them stuck or coming back for more
  5. Design to sell or make conversions

My Favorite Fonts

  1. Franklin Gothic
  2. Futura
  3. Gill Sans
  4. Trajan
  5. Century Gothic
  6. Helvetica
My Favorite Websites
  1. The Oatmeal
  2. Google
  3. Smashing Magazine
  4. Seomoz
  5. Warriorforum
Every landing page is built to make the most impact to your visitors right away. Every web page is search engine optimized to every title and keyword. My expertise is usability, sales focused design and SEO If you’re looking for creative, professional and honest freelance web designer then I’m the guy for the job.